Since she was a teenager in small town Ohio, Kaitlin has been intrigued with tattooing and piercing.  She started hanging around   the local tattoo studio and upon graduation from high school, with honors, she was offered an apprenticeship in the local shop. However her family – a doctor and a minister – refused to support her dreams so she opted to go to college in Chicago to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Dance. After 2 years, she decided it was time to pursue her dreams so she left college and headed West, working a various jobs in order to support her dream in the body modification industry. She was finally able to get an apprenticeship at Empire School of Body Art in Beaverton in 2006 under the tutelage of Charity Bray.

She’s never looked back.

As head piercer since 2008 Tattoo 42, she honed her craft and continued her education by getting certified in CPR, First Aid, AED & Bloodborne pathogens. By attending the annual Association of Professional Piercer’s Trade Show – she’s kept up with the latest technology and trends.  This year she because licensed by the State of Oregon as a body piercing instructor.

Today she owns her own licensed studio, Chakra Body Art.  She’s well known through out the region for her kind and compassionate bedside manner as well as her attention to detail and the safety of her clients. Being from a family with both a spiritual and medial background, she has combined the two so each client has a positive and rewarding experience.

In her spare time she enjoys painting, skateboarding and spending time with her two amazing daughters.